Smart blog posts for Action Press

The challenge

Action Press is a long established printing company that works with all sorts of interesting businesses. It’s family run and prides itself on top quality customer service. Their sales director wanted to add more useful content to their blog to help clients and prospects understand more about how printing works and how to get the best results.

The solution

Coming up with ideas and drafting rough copy wasn’t a problem so we agreed that I’d take the copy from them in this state and then refine it. This approach seems to work well for several of my clients.

From rough copy like this…

The creative

This could have been a really slapdash edit project but I realised that often there are terms that printers use frequently that your average small business owner wouldn’t really understand. So it made sense to spend a little more time on these pieces, not just editing, but reorganising, introducing some stylistic devices like rhetorical questions and adding further information.

The result is highly polished, focussed blog posts that really work for customers. It’s a great way for Action Press to stand out as approachable, open and customer focussed. The work is ongoing.

…to effective, engaging headlines and copy… like this.

Providing me with a rough draft (and it can be really rough!) is a remarkably cost effective way of making your blog content professional and engaging. I can turn this kind of thing around in a couple of hours, sometimes even quicker.