New destination content for luxury UK tour operator

The challenge

One of the UK’s largest luxury tour operators was updating their website. They needed improved content for over 500 destinations, 650 itineraries and 600 properties.

The solution

Working with another project manager/editor, I set up a team of travel writers, co-wrote all the briefs in consultation with the tour operator and then commissioned and edited half of the pages.

The creative

Getting the briefs right entailed a lot of reviewing and discussing with the tour operator. We had exacting word counts, a very specific style guide and SEO keywords to include.
Writer recruitment was key to delivering a quality finished product. As the project progressed I started to introduce some of my experienced travel writer contacts. They knew the places they were writing about and it really showed in the copy they produced. I worked them hard – making sure they really delivered copy that was exactly on-brief.

We used Google Docs to manage the project and distribute and edit the work. This meant the client could see what we were doing at all times.

The tour operator was really pleased with the quality of the copy we delivered. We turned around several thousand pages in the space of four weeks. High volume AND high quality.