Seville Day By Day for Frommer’s Guides

The challenge

Frommer’s is the USA’s largest and most well known guidebook publisher. They’d just launched a new format city break guide called Day By Day. I was commissioned by them to write and photograph the new Seville edition from scratch.

The solution

I spent 3 months walking the streets of Seville and I built a network of local people who knew the city inside out.

The creative

Instead of chopping a destination up into areas, as is the case with most guidebooks, Day By Days use guided walking tours – The best in a day, The best in two days, The best in three days, Neighbourhoods and Special themes. No more flicking between chapters to make sure you don’t miss anything or fumbling for maps – the information is already organised complete with maps and detailed descriptions. That’s great for the user, but for the writer it means having to write all your entries to an exceptionally tight character count and working closely with the design team to create maps, marking every location.

I delivered 40,000 words, 30 odd maps and several hundred images bang on time to a very exacting format. I was commissioned for a second edition too.